LinkedIn Projects:
A Platform for Projects

New visitors were not signing up because the website’s text-heavy and confusing layout obscured the site’s value.


We designed a platform that allowed people to post project listings for people to apply to. A structured setting also ensured people could easily manage their projects and work.

My Role

Aside from being the project manager, I focused on user research, information architecture, interaction design, and usability testing to design the native mobile app from a holistic perspective.


Understanding the Problem

We wanted to fully understand our users and the problems they faced, so we started with competitive research on existing products and services. Next we moved  to user research, sending out screener surveys and conducting in-person interviews to understand how users behaved.

LinkedIn Projects - Research Charts

Affinity Mapping

We took this user research and extracted key points, clustering them in an affinity map to see common trends and themes. This helped us clarify the problem and decide how to proceed.

LinkedIn Projects - Affinity Map


Content mapping & Object-Oriented UX

Before wireframing, we mapped our app’s content onto screens to plan out our design. This is object-oriented UX, a design method that brings object-oriented programming into design by designing ‘objects’ — bundles of information, content, and functionality — streamlining the process of translating design into code.

LinkedIn Projects - Object-oriented UX
LinkedIn Projects - Feature Prioritization Chart

Personas & Journey-Mapping

To keep the user at the forefront, we created personas for our two primary user types and also created a journey map to understand users’ emotional journeys as they used our app via the various touch points.

LinkedIn Projects - Journey Map

Developing the Solution
Prototyping, Testing, and Iterating

Using our medium fidelity wireframes to prototype in InVision,  we conducted usability tests with users, iterating to make various UI and functionality changes. We repeated this process with high fidelity mockups and finalized the screens when the kinks were worked out.

Site Map & App Flow
Because our app contained numerous screens and states that depended on conditional programming logic, it was important to understand the information architecture. We created a final site map and app flow hybrid diagram as a design communication deliverable.

LinkedIn Projects - Site Map
LinkedIn Projects Mockups

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