Yelp project title


Our class project brief envisioned Yelp wanting to increase user engagement by creating an itinerary feature for its product.


We designed an itinerary feature for Yelp that addressed the needs of the users and tested it until its design was easily understood.

My Role
Aside from being the project manager, I focused on wireframing, prototyping, and user-testing in this project.

Synthesizing Data
After screening interviewees and gathering their data, we used Trello to identify patterns in user behaviors.

Yelp Affinity Trello

Creating the Personas
From this data we created personas to make tangible the users we are serving as well as clarify how we can best serve them.

Yelp Personas

Planning it Out
Object-oriented UX Design
My web development background helped guide our object-oriented design process and align designers and developers.

Yelp - entity-relationship diagram

Feature Prioritization
We prioritized our personas’ needs to identify a minimum viable product to fit the project time constraints.

Yelp Feature Prioritization chart

Prototyping & Testing the Solution
Understanding the App Flow
To understand where the feature would fit in the current app, we mapped out the app map and user flow, combining them into a hybrid app flow.

Yelp app map

Prototyping, Testing, and Iterating
We tested out several designs and iterated to improve areas users found difficult. When no more errors were found, we finalized the project.

Yelp screen flow

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