Projects & Work

Work Experience

I am a UX Designer and Art Director at Morgan Stanley. I ideate, design, and prototype new features for the company website and select the images for the weekly articles and thought leadership pieces we publish.

How I Work

I draw upon varied realms of knowledge from psychology to systems thinking in order to fully understand the user to design elegant, technologically-appropriate experiences. I am highly organized and love structuring information. This makes me very suited to roles in information architecture or high level design of product eco-systems. Moreover, this skill in organization translates well to project management and planning.

Check out my resume or my portfolio deck. You can also see some of my selected projects below or find my projects archive!

Inked Voices: Redesigning the User Experience to Increase Signups

Information Architecture, User Interface, Visual Design

LinkedIn Projects: A Platform for Projects

User Interface, Information Architecture, iOS Mobile

Yelp Itinerary: Designing an Itinerary Feature for Yelp

iOS, Mobile, Interaction Design

Personal Homepage: Building My Site with Rails, Heroku, and Front End Code

Front End, Web Development, Ruby-on-Rails