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Hi, I’m Adrian

I am a NYC-based UX Designer. I seek to understand people to build the appropriate solutions to their problems. Let me help you with…

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“Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.” — Paul Rand


About Me

If you were curious

I am a NYC-based UX designer with four years of work experience in UX, design, and web development, working in a variety of industries including finance, fashion, and healthcare. I am an avid learner, always picking up a new skill or honing an existing one. I love understanding people, their behaviors, and their motivations, a habit that makes me well-suited to this field.

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from people I've worked with and for
Ki Kwon - Creative DirectorMaya Segal - Senior UX DesignerBrooke McIntyre - FounderJeffrey Campomanes - Project ManagerKelly Faetanini - Lead designer, Founder
As a key member in Digital Strategy's UX team, Adrian played critical roles including overseeing's art selection, conducting UX research through usability tests, and helping to evangelize the firm's digital design language system. Exceptionally detail-oriented, Adrian excelled especially in optimizing flows and processes to enhance end-user experiences.
Ki Kwon - Creative Director
Adrian's manager at Morgan Stanley
Adrian is also exceptionally strong in optimizing processes and conducting usability tests to improve end-user experiences. It's been a pleasure working with Adrian. He is reliable and a mix of a great personality and talent, which is a true and valuable asset.
Maya Segal - Senior UX Designer
Adrian's teammate at Morgan Stanley
One of Adrian's main contributions was to recommend a revised site architecture, with revisions to where key pieces of content are presented... We are adopting the team's recommendation for site architecture and following many of their recommendations on content and overall design. Adrian and the team were a pleasure to work with.
Brooke McIntyre - Founder
Adrian's client (Inked Voices)
Adrian['s] thought process is very systematic and logical; he is able to break down every facet of code and knows what each piece of code does. He is very patient and is able to translate technical terms into layman's terms. On top of that, Adrian has a keen eye for detail when it comes to UX design as he cares about both functionality and the user experience. Adrian would be a great asset to any organization.
Jeffrey Campomanes - Project Manager
Adrian's classmate at General Assembly
One of my favorite qualities about Adrian is his ability to come up with endless ideas that are inventive and out-of-the box. He is highly creative but also pays close attention to ensure that the company's mission and message to the customer are aligned. Adrian is extremely organized, taking initiative to research his projects and is always open to learning new things while keeping up with current trends in the industry.
Kelly Faetanini - Lead designer, Founder
Adrian's manager at Kelly Faetanini

Let’s work together!

I’m interested in UX/UI design roles with an emphasis on information architecture and design. Interested in working together or networking? Contact me at

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